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Caracol Televisión


Caracol Televisión is a private-operated national television network that has produced many of Colombia’s most innovative and successful television programs. Today, CARACOL TV has become a true powerhouse, expanding its influence beyond Colombia through its world-class International Channel and International Distribution

I have been part of the digital area, where I created graphic solution for the diferent digital platforms.


Caracol Telvisión




UI Designer,
mobile design,
web design

Colombia's Next Top Model

I designed the interface for android apps, giving a creative aproach to user experience. Many of them for Samsung devices.

Colombia's Next Top Model
Colombia's Next Top Model
Desafío 2014

Website projects

[LEFT] Home for one of the productions of Caracol Television. Desafío 2014

[BOTTOM] Home template for Contest Tv Show. I designed the graphics.

La Fila

Design for tv shows

[RIGHT] I created the background for this special layout.

[BOTTOM] Mobile versions for the tv shows.

Stereo Picnic 2015
Versiones móviles

More projects

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